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I am a born again Christian. God gave me some pretty hackin' awesome talents if you ask me. I love anything creative. I LOVE to read, write and act. I've been in countless school/church productions, I've wrote multiple short stories and I'm currently in the editing stage of my first novel in a trilogy! My inspiration comes from everywhere. However, I have found that I do write better in depressing situations. Haha. I'm currently teaching myself french. I've already mastered two languages. English and sarcasm. :D I live in a tiny town, where your dreams are smothered in the Appalachian Mountains. You may have heard of this town. It's the setting in the T.V. show: Justified. :) Pleasent? Right? Not. Anyways, this is MY story. My life. My journey. It's not up for sale, it's not for rent. I have a whole life ahead of me. So you can either like it or hate it. Either way, you're gonna have to deal with it. Over and out, Carter Storm.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Heartbroken. (All cried out)

Dear 11 followers,

I've fallen for it.
Love, that is.

Although we lived 447 miles away from each other,
I was so sure he was the one.
Maybe he was,
but his STUPID friend ruined it all.

Maybe I should fill you in....
Wayyyy back in August of 2009 I lost everything.
My best friend, my boyfriend...
all in a span of about..
a week. Maybe less.
I prayed to God.
Man, did I pray.
I prayed for comfort..and less than a day later I found my new bestfriend.
I prayed for someone to accept me the way I was... a friend.
and I waited..
for five months.
God gave me *him*
My intentions were to be "Just friends"...
I wasn't ready, I was hurt... sooo bad from the last breakup.
I found Inkpop, then I found him.
We added each other on Facebook. (I bet you're saying, "BAD IDEA!!!!") but no, I knew what I was doing. It felt right adding him.
Sooo...we talked..and talked...on Facebook. About everything. And it felt perfect. The purpose of everyday was talking to him..even for atleast 5 minutes. Ahaa, we even traded phone numbers so we could text each other.
I didn't realize he was the friend I asked for until yesterday...
When I ruined it all.
Anywho, sorry. I just needed to vent.
Writing wise?
All this pain is giving me inspiration!!!!
Sooo...I guess that's the plus side to being heartbroken?!
Thanks for listening, followers.
You're the bomb.
Until next time,
from Carter's laptop,
Carter Storm