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I am a born again Christian. God gave me some pretty hackin' awesome talents if you ask me. I love anything creative. I LOVE to read, write and act. I've been in countless school/church productions, I've wrote multiple short stories and I'm currently in the editing stage of my first novel in a trilogy! My inspiration comes from everywhere. However, I have found that I do write better in depressing situations. Haha. I'm currently teaching myself french. I've already mastered two languages. English and sarcasm. :D I live in a tiny town, where your dreams are smothered in the Appalachian Mountains. You may have heard of this town. It's the setting in the T.V. show: Justified. :) Pleasent? Right? Not. Anyways, this is MY story. My life. My journey. It's not up for sale, it's not for rent. I have a whole life ahead of me. So you can either like it or hate it. Either way, you're gonna have to deal with it. Over and out, Carter Storm.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Does anyone notice a pattern??


You guys do realize I'm going to have to get a new pair of glasses soon, right? Apparently, each time I get on this thing my number of followers seems to double or something...anywho - THANKS!!! your support means A LOT to me on my writing journey!!

Okay, writing wise - Ive only wrote about 2 chapters in the past 2 weeks...(sad face)...yes, yes, i know, i know - go ahead and through those tomatoes at me. I deserve them. :| As i was saying, this little thing called life has had me dangling off the edge of the Empire State Building ever since i tried out for my Highschool track team - and made it. Yes, little 95 pound Carter Storm actually found something she's good at. HAHA...NOT!! i love it, don't get me wrong - but instead of getting easier, its getting harder..but who am i to complain??
STOP - before i get too off topic, remember those 2 chapters i mentioned earlier?? Well, on the bright side they're pretty good and won't need to be edited but oh...a couple thousand times more...(give or take a few) *sarcasm*

Now Im honestly wondering if any of YOU are wondering what the title of this blog means?? (Crickets chirp in the distance)....No one?? *Sigh.....

1) My mom popped something in her BACK out of place...sound familiar?? (if not, scroll down to earlier posts)...
2)My Ex-Boyfriend..you know, the one im "Over"?? Turns out - he's dating my best friend..yes, the woe of being 13..I think I'll survive.

On a good note to end with, my Church's youth group started back!! (Happy Face)!!!
and i got a new laptop!! (EXTREME happy face)

Thanks again for the FOLLOWSHIP!! (hehe.) it means a lot.
Until next time,

From my new laptop,
Carter Storm