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I am a born again Christian. God gave me some pretty hackin' awesome talents if you ask me. I love anything creative. I LOVE to read, write and act. I've been in countless school/church productions, I've wrote multiple short stories and I'm currently in the editing stage of my first novel in a trilogy! My inspiration comes from everywhere. However, I have found that I do write better in depressing situations. Haha. I'm currently teaching myself french. I've already mastered two languages. English and sarcasm. :D I live in a tiny town, where your dreams are smothered in the Appalachian Mountains. You may have heard of this town. It's the setting in the T.V. show: Justified. :) Pleasent? Right? Not. Anyways, this is MY story. My life. My journey. It's not up for sale, it's not for rent. I have a whole life ahead of me. So you can either like it or hate it. Either way, you're gonna have to deal with it. Over and out, Carter Storm.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Please excuse the last post, please.

Dear 11 Followers,

Do you see that post below the one your reading? Yes, that one. The one about the guy..and being heartbroken..yep, that's the one. PLEASE, ignore it. Ughh, he's not even worth it. NO GUY is worth it, if you ask me.
Anywaysss, did you miss me? I bet you're wondering where I've been. I bet you've thought I've went and died somehow, right?
Nope. I was grounded.
Typical Carter Storm though, right? I bet you're thinking I tried jumping off a bridge or something. Nope. I ate Carrot Cake. Yep, my grandparents are stricter than they look. Cuddly on the outside, hard as those not-so-fresh carrot cakes on the inside. Apparently, I'm not allowed to have carrot cake...who knew?! I eat everything I touch, (literally, my mom calls me the skinniest fat person she's ever seen) and apparently those carrot cakes weren't meant for me. Obviously, someone didn't think to hide them from me. haha..not. Those two crumbs costed me almost a whole week of NO writing. I mean, I could've wrote the old fashioned way, but I figured I'd just take a short break and use the time I usually set aside to write, to run.
But apparently I can't run because the neighborhood kid kept pestering me and asking me "why I was trying to lose weight". She kept popping out at random places. I'd run by a church, there she was, smiling and waving. I'd run by a fence overtaken by kudzoo, yep, there she was popping out of it and telling me to slow down. I'd run by her house, AND THERE SHE WAS!!!! The good thing? She gave me a pair of ear rings.
Incase if you didn't know, I run Cross Country.
I think it's fun.
SO...when I ran 15 minutes (sigh..I usually run 35-40 minutes) and made my way back to my house, she told me she would see me tomorrow at the same time.
My plan? Oh man, I feel like a ninja right now. I'm going to wake up EARLY. like.. 9:00 AM early and run.
Maybe, if my insomniac side will let me sleep tonight.
I realized this was supposed to be about my writing journey..and it sort of is. I mean, all of this that I'm going through, believe it or not, IS AND will be used in my book. Just not in THIS particular form. I mean, I won't put the exsct same thing in there anywhere probably, but this is..something sort of like FUEL for my book. All of this helps me grasp the meaning of "bothersome neighbors" or, maybe even my evil scheme might be put into effect in my novel somehow.
I realized this today, while running. I'm not sure if any other writer puts it to terms that way, hey, I'm not even sure if what I'm writing even makes any sense. I've barely slept for the past two days, what with my nightmares and stuff. Any who, what I'm trying to get to is, maybe all of this is connected.
My life seeps through the pages of my book. And eventually, the reader will see that I'm a normal person. That all writer's are, indeed, normal people..
okay, maybe not so much me.
Over and out,
Carter Storm.