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I am a born again Christian. God gave me some pretty hackin' awesome talents if you ask me. I love anything creative. I LOVE to read, write and act. I've been in countless school/church productions, I've wrote multiple short stories and I'm currently in the editing stage of my first novel in a trilogy! My inspiration comes from everywhere. However, I have found that I do write better in depressing situations. Haha. I'm currently teaching myself french. I've already mastered two languages. English and sarcasm. :D I live in a tiny town, where your dreams are smothered in the Appalachian Mountains. You may have heard of this town. It's the setting in the T.V. show: Justified. :) Pleasent? Right? Not. Anyways, this is MY story. My life. My journey. It's not up for sale, it's not for rent. I have a whole life ahead of me. So you can either like it or hate it. Either way, you're gonna have to deal with it. Over and out, Carter Storm.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A country girl can survive. &hearts

Dear 9 followers,

I hate nightmares...just saying - but in all honesty, a nightmare was indeed what started my passion for my trilogy. :)
Last night was unbelievably fun! Well, maybe not to you if you don't live in the "deep, dark hills of Eastern Kentucky." I loved it.
Simple. As. That.
Mother let me take the Shotgun and pistol out and shoot it. :) It was greatness, yes, ahaa.
Here's some pics. :)

Of course, I DID have adult supervision..incase someone reads this and goes crazy with fear that I shot myself...YES, I am alive and well...I still have my head...which I do believe is a good thing. I'm actually good with a gun...and occasionally a bow. :)

my novel? If any of you still care about it??
Yes, the one I mentioned in the last one that's supposed to be doing great? Ughh!! I can't seem to get past the third chapter before going BRAIN DEAD!!
Okay, that's all I can write at the moment...otherwise, I wont be ready for school...can you say SWEATS AND A T-SHIRT?
OH!! Guess what my first Priority group at school is doing? (First priority is a student lead, Christian club...WHICH I LOVE DEARLY.) Okay, we're doing a skit type drama thing...and I'm pretty sure I got the main part!! YAYY!!
Sorry, it's been awhile since I've acted...that's why Im SOOOOO excited. :D

Over and out,
Carter Storm


  1. Errr...I'm not sure how the picture of my pup got on there...but have no worries..I was NOT aiming for Rosco! I was aiming for...well, a target thingy...A.K.A...a box.

  2. Well, now you have ten followers. :) Thanks for the comment!

  3. Hey Carter, its me Psalms!!! I have me blogg up too! I also live the picks of you and your also guns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whoot!!!!