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I am a born again Christian. God gave me some pretty hackin' awesome talents if you ask me. I love anything creative. I LOVE to read, write and act. I've been in countless school/church productions, I've wrote multiple short stories and I'm currently in the editing stage of my first novel in a trilogy! My inspiration comes from everywhere. However, I have found that I do write better in depressing situations. Haha. I'm currently teaching myself french. I've already mastered two languages. English and sarcasm. :D I live in a tiny town, where your dreams are smothered in the Appalachian Mountains. You may have heard of this town. It's the setting in the T.V. show: Justified. :) Pleasent? Right? Not. Anyways, this is MY story. My life. My journey. It's not up for sale, it's not for rent. I have a whole life ahead of me. So you can either like it or hate it. Either way, you're gonna have to deal with it. Over and out, Carter Storm.

Monday, September 6, 2010

A little bit of Everything.

Dear 9 followers,

What HAPPENED?!?!? I lost two people!!! :|


Yeah, soo... A LOT of stuff has happened since I last talked to you..
Starting with my writing, considering that's what this blog is supposed to be about.
I think I'm actually ONE STEP closer to having the first 2 chapters written the way I've imagined it in my head!! Can we get an Amen?!?! Man, was I excited when I was at the kitchen table listening to my grandmother tell me some AWESOME (yet sad) stories from her youth...let me tell you - my family has a family background like NO OTHER family...murder...gruelsome child abuse...you name it! I'm actualy thinkin about writing something about it..after I finish my trilogy of course. ;)
My novel write now (ha, did you get it?) *cough, cough*...
Anyways, my novel right now is still in the works..but unfortunate;y has been slowed down considering I'm IN HIGHSCHOOL NOW!!! :D :D :D
I love it..abslutely LOVE it. :)
I actualy have a LOCKER! Al my life, I've wanted one. And now I FINALLY have one.
See, in Harlan County/Bell County..lockers 'really' aren't issued until you're in highschool..I have no idea why..but if you ask me, it's stupid. :)
High school is NOTHING like I imagined it...I mean, I imagined seniors stuffing kids in lockers..and in garbage cans..yeah. That doesn't happen Where I go. :D

Highschool gives me A LOT of inspiration too. :) I've met A LOT of new friends...and they're all different in their own way..they're all unique, and honestly don't care what other people thing of them..however. So what some of them are outcasts to the rest of Highschool society? Everyone needs friends. And I could honestly care less if that makes me an outcast too. I've practically been one my whole life, so what does it matter now?

So, people..and things around me in general, are what give me inspiration to write. That's another writing fact about me. :D

I'm going to TRY to remember to post more on here. It feels good to vent to people who probably don't even read this thing anymore.

Over and out,
Carter Storm :)

P.S - has anyone read the last book in the Hunger Games??
Suzzane Collins is pure gold. :D
Except the end..well, scratch that..I just hated the end..because well..it was the END..

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